Simple, Surefire Way To Health And Happiness

Having health and happiness is really simple.  In fact, if you make it complicated, the chances of you actually achieving health or happiness is almost nil.  Why, because simple is stress free.  If you have stress in your life, you will lose your health and certainly your happiness.

So, what ‘simple’ way is there that is proven to give you health and happiness?

How about:  go for a walk in the woods every day.  Go for half an hour to an hour.  Walk at an easy pace.  Don’t be hurried at all.  Look at the trees.  Notice the birds.  Look at the sky.  Feel the air.  Listen to the wind in the trees.  Relax.

What about the idea of bringing your heart rate up to a certain point for a certain amount of time?  What about making sure you swing your arms high, bring your knees up as high as possible?  What about tightening your stomach as you walk?

Sure, these things can be an advanced technique… after you have mastered being relaxed and enjoying your walk.

Try this:  Instead of trying to get a good workout, breathe deeply.  Feel the air going in.  Smell the air and enjoy it.

This will give you such a feeling of relaxation that you will definitely be energized by the time you get back from your walk.

You will sleep better.  Your  heart rate will go down.  Your blood pressure will go down.  You will smile more often.

As you start to live with less stress you will find that you are starting to lose weight.  Your muscles are developing some tone and strength.  You will find yourself feeling happy more often.

It’s simple. Go for a long walk every day in the woods.  You will have health and happiness.  Guaranteed.  It’s been proven, but since there is nothing being sold, and no one is making money off of it, nobody wants to promote it.

But now you know.  Having health and happiness is simple.  🙂